What’s Growing in One Person’s Yard–Edible and Perennial

These are what’s growing right now in Laurie’s yard. Most of them are perennial. Only the plants in the raised beds at the end are not. This means that most of this comes up on its own every year. From the start: Mugwort bushes (great for sleeping well and lowering inflammation), wild arugula, edible green Spencer gave her but she forgets the name, raspberry bushes, lamb’s quarters, Jerusalem artichoke, sorrel, garlic, blackberries, Egyptian walking onions, close-up of walking onion, bergamot (Bee’s Balm), rhubarb, and assorted non-perennial greens under makeshift “greenhouse” of old windows, other side with spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and lettuce.

If you have only a little ground, planting perennial food plants can be a great way to get fresh food in your diet. Many of these can also be grown in pots. Probably not the mugwort, and other bushes, and the walking onions–they need to walk. But, the lettuce and other greens, perennial or not, definitely can. Make it a goal to plant something useful this Spring–your body will thank you.

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