Political Philosophy Monthly Talks

On the first Thursday of each month, Dr. Laurie Johnson talks about an issue or topic of importance in political thought. In 2023, she’s talking about significant thinkers in Western Political Thought.

May’s topic was the modern realism of Niccolo Machiavelli and how his ideas formed part of the foundation of future liberalism and the liberal revolutions. In July (the 13th), Laurie will be talking about John Locke. Laurie has written a book on Locke and Rousseau on the topic of honor. She’ll be tracing Locke’s ideas of the state of nature, natural rights and the social contract, contrasting them with Hobbes, and discussing the promise and limits of classical liberal ideas.

To sign up for a single session, go to Eventbrite–you can give a donation of any amount to support the Maurin Academy’s mission. Admittance includes a link to the recorded session in case you want to review.

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Here’s a promo for this series:

Here’s a sample, from the first part of Laurie’s session on Hobbes:

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