The Regenerative Reader (January 2023)

Here's a copy of our latest newsletter, where you'll find news about our new Marx reading group, the next "Pints with Plato," and some important news from the JPII Catholic Worker farm. You can download this copy! regenerative-reader-11Download

“Pints with Plato” Sessions Start Up in January

Starting one month from now, Dr. Laurie Johnson be going live on first Thursday evenings (7 p.m. Central Time) for "Pints With Plato" (which won't just be about Plato--it's just that he's one of her favorite political philosophers). You can see a full description and sign up for any single session on Eventbrite for a donation, and soon we'll also have some subscription choices on Patreon for those who want access to all these as well as seminars and series from Laurie and other co-founders of the Maurin Academy, like Spencer, Jakob and Bryant, all of whom have appeared on Laurie's YouTube channel. Spencer is also co-host of our Dustbowl Diatribes podcast. We'll also have a newsletter to tell you about upcoming events! My first "Pints with Plato" is on Thursday, January 5! More to come!

Season 2, Ep 2: The Call to Integral Liberation: An Interview With Dr. Larry Chapp

Please sign up for our free newsletter here. Dr. Larry Chapp of the popular blog Gaudium et Spes joins Spencer and Laurie for a discussion about ressourcement theology, the inspiration for the international Catholic journal Communio. Dr. Chapp cares for a Catholic Worker farm and, through his blog and numerous YouTube videos, brings his own version of Peter Maurin's "agronomic university" to a larger audience. We share a lot in common with Dr. Chapp, both in philosophy as well as practice, as we also are attempting a Catholic Worker farm, as well as an agronomic university through the Maurin Academy.

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