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Our latest class in this category was held as a seminar in the Summer of 2022. Below is a description and some samples of the seminar’s content. This and all our future courses and series will be offered through Eventbrite:

Summer 2022:

Introduction to Christian Anarchism

The five sessions centered on these themes:

1. Introduction to Christian anarchism in contemporary context.

2. Christian anarchism: going deeper.

3. The strategy of non-violence.

4. praxis 1: selected history of utopian Christian communities

5. praxis 2: Catholic Worker vs. the church.

Some of the authors featured were Peter Chelčický, Leo Tolstoy, Jacques Ellul, Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day,  William T. Cavanaugh, Eugene McCarraher, Nicolas Berdyaev, and selections from the Bible. 

Dr. Laurie M Johnson is a Professor of Political Science at K-State and runs a popular YouTube channel on political thought. This is her second independent summer seminar (the first was on Distributism). For more information, visit and p

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