Season 2, Ep 2: The Call to Integral Liberation: An Interview With Dr. Larry Chapp

Please sign up for our free newsletter here. Dr. Larry Chapp of the popular blog Gaudium et Spes joins Spencer and Laurie for a discussion about ressourcement theology, the inspiration for the international Catholic journal Communio. Dr. Chapp cares for a Catholic Worker farm and, through his blog and numerous YouTube videos, brings his own version of Peter Maurin's "agronomic university" to a larger audience. We share a lot in common with Dr. Chapp, both in philosophy as well as practice, as we also are attempting a Catholic Worker farm, as well as an agronomic university through the Maurin Academy.

Season 2, Ep 1: Why Don’t Pastors Go There? Interview With a Lutheran Pastor

Laurie and Spencer interview retired Lutheran Pastor Tom Mundahl. Mundahl has made action the center of his ministry, including leading a venture into Catholic Worker hospitality in a Campus student group. We discuss why it is difficult for pastors to move beyond the comfort zones of their parishioners to lead them into new ways of living and interacting with others. We discuss the obstacle of Christian nationalism as the latest inhibitor of Christian action.

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