Featured Work

Dustbowl Diatribes: Our podcast featuring conversations between Johnson, Hess and other friends in theory and practice. We are grounded in concern for our common home, the earth, and understanding better how Christian principles and intellectual streams ranging from Marxian critical theory to classical conservatism might guide us beyond late-stage capitalism.

Dr. Laurie Johnson: Political Philosophy. A selection of playlists on topics of interest from the Political Philosophy YouTube channel. Only certain topics have been curated here. For more, go straight to the channel.

Theoretical Cappriccio: Blog of Ph.D. Candidate Jakob Hanschu, Washington University, St. Louis. Hanschu has an M.A. in Critical Theory from the University of Nottingham. Critical Theory from an Anthropology perspective.

MORTC/Blue Valley Greens in Kansas City Missouri, home of various communal experiments and practices fostered by head grower Spencer Hess, and in cooperation with Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House of Hospitality in KCMO.