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The Open Source Seed Initiative provides information about varieties of seeds that can be freely propagated, saved and shared, including where to find these seeds for sale. Endorsed by Jack Kloppenburg, author of First the Seed.

Open Table Classes & Conference. Sponsored by the Northwest School of Theology, you can participate on zoom live or purchase access to courses and their conference after the events. From their website: “Nationally recognized writers, speakers, and teachers join and lead us to examine familiar paradigms and integrate different perspectives so that theology is no longer a “closed subject” that produces a dogmatic anemic spirituality but instead develops our spirits as it unfolds into a vibrant life within us.”

The Institute for Social Ecology. Based in north-central Vermont, and founded by Murray Bookchin, the Institute for Social Ecology offers support for grassroots organizing and community-building via classes, intensives, conferences, and an online journal, Harbinger. The Institute posts some of its meetings and conferences on YouTube and other sites.

The Catholic Worker Website and newspaper. This site has most of the writings of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin and lists many of the Catholic Worker houses and farms worldwide. Catholic Worker is Christian anarchist in origin. One doesn’t need to be a Catholic or even Christian or religious in order to start a project or participate.

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